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    Living with passion...

    pastor sam
    pastor sam

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    Living with passion... Empty Living with passion...

    Post by pastor sam on Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:47 pm

    Life can be so dull at times and we are all seeking some excitement.

    Even now as you look through this forum, you're seeking some excitement. The newest kits, parts, accessories and performance enhancing tools are all things that excite you. Feeling the rush of the power of your engine revving and the ability to share your commonalities with other enthusiasts at meets, are all part of seeking some level of passion in your life.

    What we need to remember is that God created us in his image. He made us with a desire to be and live passionately. So many people these days have no idea that what they feel, that longing to live passionately, is a God given feeling. It's in our DNA.

    For all the men reading this, You need to know that God created within you a heart of a Warrior! Christ himself was the greatest warrior of all time. There's no other man that has walked this earth that has had such a HUGE impact on humanity as Christ did. And to think that you were created in His image! That makes you a warrior! And warriors don't live passively, they live Passionately!

    For all the ladies, you were created to be warrior princesses! So many of you have either been hurt by a Passive warrior or by a warrior who has been corrupted, that you have lost all hope in finding a good man. God created you with a docile and loving heart, and us men need you so much. You need to know that what you deserve is a Passionate Warrior! Not some punk who only cares about ONE thing.

    See, Christ was passionate. In his life he fought when it didn't make sense. In his death, he was passionate! And through His resurrection, he demonstrated true passion for you and me.

    You may be stuck at a dead end job. You may be unhappy with your dysfunctional family. You may feel totally unsatisfied in many aspects of your life.

    Know that you were created to live passionately! And that you will only find that true passion in Christ. It's a passion that drives you to do and be the best in everything you take on. There's no point in living life passively! Find life in Christ and be his follower, and find the passion that you've been seeking!

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