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    KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX


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    KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:09 pm

    ok guys here is my car that i have changed 3,000 times so bare with me.. and yes i have kept doing all the work myself.

    Here we have a revolution

    91 Accord EX


    H22A JDM ------------------------------------------ *IN*
    11:5:1 compression mahle gold series pistons--- *IN*
    Floating wrist pins ------------------ *IN*
    Greddy blue belts belts---------------------------- *IN*
    ARP head & main studs -------------------- *IN*
    King bearings rod/main---------------------------- *IN*
    P13 ecu--------------------------------------------- *IN*
    P19 tcu--------------------------------------------- *IN*
    Prelude type S cams------------------------------- *IN*
    Color matched valve cover and intake ---------------- *IN*
    Accord LX transmission painted to stand out. ------ *IN*
    Maunaul tensioner conversion DIY -------- *IN*
    removed power stearing ------*UNIN*
    OBX 10mm plug wires --------- *IN*
    NGK plugs ------------ *IN*


    Evo 2 cat back---------------------------------- *IN*
    h22 header, ------------------------------------ *IN*
    obx high flow converter------------------------ *IN*
    Bisimito Header-------------------------------- *it'll prolly be done when this car is*


    Front and rear camber kit ---------------- *IN*
    Suspension Techniques Sway Bars - Front Sway (Diameter 1-1/16 inch) ------------------------------- *IN*
    Suspension Techniques Sway Bars - Rear Sway (Diameter 13/16 inch)------------------------------------------- *IN* Dropzone lowering springs,,--------------------------- *IN*
    Dropzone gas struts----------------------------------- *IN*


    Motegi lightweight racing 18" rims------------------ *IN*


    color matched kick steps ----------------- *IN*
    stock being painted, dyeing all the interior black ------------------------ *unfinished*
    White guage face ------------------------------ *IN*
    guage bezel color matched to the car---------- *IN*
    Diy auto shifter conversion---------------------- *IN*
    Dash removed and dyed black------------------ *IN*
    20% window tint -------------------------------- *IN*


    All fabrications done by myself.
    fabricated body kit. includes---- Shaving front holes in R32 bumper, Cutting out and adding new body line to rear bumper, shaving holes in side skirts, shaving antena, shaving body line on BW spoiler,
    fabricated canards also known as wind splitters, from thick sheet metal.
    DIY grille fabricated,
    headlights painted DIY to match the car,
    Color Acura supersonic blue.
    TCS mirrors, dry carbon fiber with candy blue over the top.
    Jdm red clear taillights ...transparent black base cleared twice.

    ------------------------------ *ALL IN*
    airbrush art on the hood ------------------- *IN*

    Extra plans:

    H22/H23 hybrid.
    A. high compression.
    B. low compression supercharged.
    C. I'm undecided!
    ---------------------------------------- *UNIN*

    [color:ee37="Red"]WEIGHT REDUCTION.

    [color:ee37="Lime"]The stock CB7 weighs roughly 2850lbs, from the factory.

    [color:ee37="DarkRed"]Spare tire removal - 28lbs
    Jack removal - 8lbs
    Power steering removal - ?lbs
    Air conditioning removal (compressor, lines, brackets) - 84lbs
    Cruise control removal (non-DX) - ?lbs
    Glove box removal - 6lbs
    ECU holddown plate - 6lbs
    Power antenna and motor and wire - 14lbs
    Lightweight radiator - ?lbs
    Lightweight flywheel 12lb
    Lightened of bumper supports - ?lbs

    There are new updates on every page.. attention. there are lots of photos so if you don't have cable, your computer may take a while to load..

    These are most recent pics, as will i try to keep the first post updated.

    i am the man behind tha camera. Brandon Keele


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    Registration date : 2009-04-04

    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:11 pm

    page .1. starts with my first paint job, black and white with blue pearl. Continues to a maroon with blue pearl and new f22 motor with some headers and pulleys and intake. Greddy evo 2 exhaust
    Also went through the lambo door stage.
    DIY painted blue to match car headlights, modified rear bumper twice.

    page .2. billet gille, with headlight covers. candy'd my tcs mirrors blue.

    page .3. painted my kick plates, night shots, and pics of turboed civic we built. i also played around with my intake plates.

    page .4. Accused by oneoffaccord of copying him, with color

    page .5. I get married. wedding photos and painted guage cluster
    page .6. sold my ported high compression f22 head, painted some valve covers and have some big time ricer pics of my car with the dual hood scoop. and i painted my hood blue to match the car to see if i would like it.

    page .7. I painted my grille black, repainted hood black painted canards to match car and black and 2 toned lip spoiler, pics of rat rod in the makings

    page .8. second h22 valve cover i have painted, i also have pics of my verry first car and some crazzy changes to the accord from a long time ago.

    page .9. painted smokinspeeds a valve cover, pics while dash was out and dyed black, tinted my taillights black, and random pose shots of car, painted nicoles h22 valve cover,

    page .10. my camber kit broke... good pics with a comaro, another nite shot

    page .11. DIY made my automatic shifter kewl.. pics of the 3 vehicles i did this year.

    page .12. get my windows tinted 20%, things get deap.

    page .13. cars hoodless as i airbrush on it, new goal for 2009 accord,

    page .14. pics of screwed up airbrushed hood, pics where i shaved my bw wing body line,

    page .15. a comparison to the before and after of the shaved wing. I might be selling my car, i reairbrushed the hood.

    page .16. Not a whole lot goin on

    page .17. GSX EVOIII homepage link. EVO III GSX LINK first 0-100 gsx video

    [color:b539="Red"]page .18. [color:b539="DarkRed"]well i sold her to my sister, they wrecked it once hitting a pole and then the car was wrecked and under 4ft of water, (pics)

    [color:b539="Red"]page .19. [color:b539="DarkRed"]pics of wrecked and beatin car with it still full of water

    [color:b539="Red"]page .20. [color:b539="DarkRed"]talkin about the wrecked accord, and i painted my wifes glove box, (pics)

    [color:b539="Red"]page .21. [color:b539="DarkRed"]well made a 5spd swap on the h22 and had minor problems.

    [color:b539="Red"]page .22. [color:b539="DarkRed"]doing the wire tuck and sneak peak at the front end conversion i want to do

    [color:b539="Red"]page .23. [color:b539="DarkRed"]consists of more wire tuck progress, and sandblasted and painted intake manifold.



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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:12 pm

    Ya know i miss the old days given the f22 some lovin!



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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:13 pm


    i love this pic,

    i love this pic,

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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:14 pm

    and i have about 15 more pages of changes it's gone through i will add daily.

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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:16 pm


    mirrors: took my old carbonfiber TCS mirrors off other car painted housing, and candy blue over carbron fiber,, it looks black till light hits it.

    me being verry detailed,, interior parts have been started with paint as well.

    p.s. lol no i didn't paint it with that paint brush haha! been painting my new house with that.

    mod: painting kickplates....

    Pics of my car with TCS mirrors

    At tha shop.

    paint the trim:
    First i scuffed them with water comet and a grey scuff pad.
    Dry them off,, wipe them down with laqure thinner.
    tape them down and as you can see i used one choice adhesion premoter for plastic,,
    from there i made up sealer with flex additive in the sealer.
    mixed my paint and then clear and wala!! lovely.

    more updates when they exzist haha.

    I missed my mirrors

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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:17 pm

    i removed the stck plate , i then removed the iab's i happened to have another stack plate.. so i decided i would experiment..
    i removed them cleaned them used honda gasket seal where needed and plugged the holes on the ends.

    well once i got it done i went to charlies house and like always his long driveway i gunned it up it to see how she does.. she did loose some top end power,, but gained alot of low end torque!!!!!
    needless to stay my car did miss a lick backfired and died, in the middle of his drive way.. my distibuter coil and comp went out we replaced it.. and she runs sweet..

    i told him we were gonna race we built him a b20 turbo motor from the ground up in his civic breakin it in on 5 psi.
    we raced.
    my launch was verry slow but he couldn't keep traction spinning in 1st and second he was almost to 3rd when mine just shiffted out of 1st and because of that my full power ttotally kicked in and i stayed about 10 feet behind him and he didn't pull from me at all, we raced 3 times and the second race was pretty much same as first and 3rd race he missed 3rd and hit5th i won!!! haha!! a automatic doesn't miss..
    here is his car while i was workingg on it and still in progress.

    now don't get me wrong we built his car to hit 25 psi with no problem after it is broke in...
    but if i hadn't of put that iab spacer in there would have been no way i could have kept up,, i was inpressed.

    then a buddy of mine was hey i'll race you in this 1999 taurous,,
    i was ok...
    i don't underestimate any car,, so i was like whatch it beat me haha.
    well we lined up my car jumped the start on him he pulled even with me and i was like sheeze!!! then around 7500-8000 grand i pulled from him a half a car length in every gear i beat him by a car and a half.. then we get back and i was like sheeze that car is fast.. needless to say it was an sho taurous whitch has a v8 235 hp with 200 lbs of torque!!!
    i just beat that!!!!!!!! omg i am siked..

    here is his car with the valve cover,, and i painted his car this 350z color. black hood of corse,, i wet sanded and buffed that hood to look like glass enjoy.

    pics: night shot!

    whoever says that isn't blue is crazzy!

    i got bored and painted my cold air intake...

    now what i can't wait to finish!!!
    i have started a cowl vent that will let heat out and suck cold air in without propping the hood up...
    it takes modifieing the wiper cowl,, the pics are hard to see because it is black.. sorry i will get you more as i work on it some more! this first pic is final product for tonight.

    till next time... when i get an idea or finish my started project,, haha

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    Registration date : 2009-04-04

    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:32 pm

    I am now married!

    lets just say they all knew not to toch the paint!

    i found this old pic of my 5 spd accord.... i miss it being like this.

    here are some more pics of my car leaving our wedding...

    gotta love it lol!!!!!!!!
    ohh and by the way i finally got unlazzy and finished painting my door moldings and put them on since these pics...

    i decided to candy my guage face blue,a dn put aftermarket guages from my 5 spd in here since it is being gutted sorry for the lame pics there must have been alot of dust on camera and such

    ok this pic is where i moved the cel light indicator.. i got tired of the paper clip and bending under it so now i just switch it on... i am trying to find a foctory push button guage to place in this spot but i wasn't having any luck crossing the power when switching them on... I will though!!! Very Happy

    see see look lower door moldings hahaha

    i realize alot of people will not like these guages.. some say to much blue... well i like the blue......when my dash and doors are all black it'll go alot better together someday you will see

    ok 1 day and i hate the candy face,, so i am putting the clear back on!!!!!!!!! :tu: :tu:

    here is the head i took off my f22,, i will have pics of turbo setup soon

    bumpo for a bad "ooops" valve cover!

    it's for sale in the ebay..


    i found some of these old school rice pics, when i was going to mold the hood scoops etc... I'll try to find the pics where i had all this and hude fenderflares.. lol it was great Very Happy

    this was after my sister hit me in the front..

    well tonight i decided while i was priming their hoods. that i would paint an extra hood i owned the color of my car to see if i like it... ehhh,, i like it both ways,, think I'll keep both hoods. 🤷 Very Happy :tu: :tu:

    got creative today check out the modified bumper with buffed black hood and painted grille...i owe some of you an apology the black grille and hood only make it look meaner and better,, the headlights really stand out!!!
    ohh and i painted my lip and redesigned the paint scheme on it and the upper canard i painted to match.

    here we are replacing his turbo ith nothing till we rebuild it,, it has a bad bearing

    lol i have been temped to take the 5 spd stuff out of my 5 spd and swap both from auto to 5 and 5 to auto.. i think i am going to.. i am gutting my other 5 spd accord for a dragster.. and using the panels on that car to be modified and perfected before i put them on this car.. i can't make my mind up on the swap..
    here are some pics of the 5spd in beener mode,... being gutted. and also a rat rod we are turning into a hotrod... I'll have to say this 355 whp z creat motor in this 1500 lb car scared the shiIIIIIIt out of me... i haven't been in anything that fast ever... and i have drove ferrarii's and what not..

    just found this old photo,, i just had to share..

    lol to start out i found my verry first car i fixed up, when workin on the trash rout at the age of 16.. i remember telling my dad i didn't think i had a starter cuz i couldn't find it on the motor!! lol

    here my car goes through some radical stages...

    then here she is in tribal mode..this is when i use to raddle can primer my car in our driveway... i loved it when it was like this.. :bouncy:

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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:33 pm

    now the beutiful wite and black covered in blue pearl

    amazing what 5% tint and painting the wheels black did!

    hope you all enjoyed.

    i figured this would help some realize i didn't just get to where i am today without some weird or crazzy bumps along the way heck i use to raddle can and bondo everything those 2 names people everywhere called me,, but hey look where i am today.. just keep working hard try to learn and you will love your car as I do! :tu:

    she just got washed!

    got my other dash ready and redied to go in my blue accord with the ugly red interior.

    nother photo.

    ohh in a few days I'll show you my new taillight setup.

    here i am with my newly painted taillights.
    i put a transparent black over them and inserted the cb7 logo and cleared them, then i sanded them down and recleared..
    i was told it was a stupid idea not to do it.. but i did anyways and love how mean it makes it look!
    and the one who told me not too,, said wow those actually really do look good, "they look expensive now"
    yes you can see the light through them just fine during the day and night.. notice how slick they are.

    ohh and i painted the under the steering colum piece for sale in the ebay section but i just wanted to post a couple pics here..

    well went rally crossing today.. lol
    well heres what happens when your camber kit breaks!
    all is well though. i tried to weld it back together but it didn't work,, so i stole one off my other accord..

    few new shots i got today.

    just look at that rear end.. ummpphh mama..

    turned my automatic shifter into a sporty auto shifter.. did if from this thread.

    i am DIY thread click me

    what can i say it inspired me...

    well hi guys.

    i took tons of photos today for my friend charlie to sell his truck and turbo civic.. so i included my car as well. lol

    these 3 rides were my project this last year,, all from the ground up inside and out.. they are pretty darn nice. but not here is you some eye candy!

    thats not counting the 1,700 our shop has already done this year and i have painted.. lol these were my projects with my name all over them. :tu:

    i decided to stay 20 percent all the way around.. but my buddy finally decided he would tint them, thank goodness..

    she's dirty and wet nicer pics are to follow.

    and futher..

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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:33 pm

    somethings being done to the hood.....

    what could it be.............

    ok finally got me camera back...

    i know it's getting dark in these photos so bare with me..

    so is it a yay or nay?

    i said i was going to do something simple to my spoiler and i did, i shaved that body line it had around it...
    here are some photos from today.

    i like it better now...

    sorry here is a comparison




    u may notice i didn't make it flat i left a swoop in it like a bike jump in comparison,, because in person it looks way better..

    no haters lol,, i know it doesn't match at the moment,, but i like it...
    I took my other hood and painted it black and a new design..

    As to do with my art on the hood, I know it doesn't match and i think it's growing on me.. but i had to take the other hood off and what not due to bad paint issues.

    here is a pic i really like and the second is one with a trees shadow in it to show just how slick it really is. with wifes car i detailed the snot out of last night.

    notice my hoods reflection compared to hers..

    more pics of the 2 love birds.

    She has died!

    my beauty lives no more.

    My brother n law was swept off this bridge in the dark at night,, tell me that sh** wasn't scarry lol.
    sorry the pics suck,, "camera phone"

    We are going to get the car from the towe lot mon, to see what i can do with her..
    he didn't have insurance either..... o well.

    Time for a rebuild, i imagine it prolly cracked a piston.....


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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:38 pm

    looking at the car by my house now, really doesn't look so bad, then i remember that it was all underwater pretty much ruined lol.

    the trunk is still full of water.....

    pretty much how all the wheels look...

    the motor has no oil in it, and is completely full of water.
    here are some photos, that don't show much progress... lol

    [color:422c="DarkOrange"]well i said screw it. i decided to delete the a/c as well. heck all my other cars have a/c.

    [color:422c="Sienna"]so i pulled the compressor, condensor, and all the lines last night. do i need to remove the lil box under the dash where the lines come in?

    [color:422c="DarkOrange"]dear gosh it looks like a bomb went off in my car...

    [color:422c="Sienna"]i also went ahead and removed the radiator to make it more easy to access the a/c components, i don't think i will be putting the oem one back in, but instead, getting the smaller size , but thicker radiator.

    [color:422c="DarkOrange"]i wish bisimito had a header for the h22 already, i think the perfect header is needed to finish the tuck in the future.
    [color:422c="Sienna"]I think tonight i may pull the IM off and start shaving all the stuff on it i don't need, and see about remmoving the iab plate all together to shorten my manifold,

    [color:422c="Red"]gosh i hate you........... [color:422c="Sienna"]lol now that you told me where bouts you put your wiring harnes.. now i felt like thats the best way and how i should do it..... so i pulled the dash and pulled the heater and ac unit.
    [color:422c="DarkOrange"]I know it will look much better this way and be much neater so thats what needs to be done.

    [color:422c="Red"]gosh this is one heck of a project...

    [color:422c="Sienna"]ohh, and it sucks balls taking an intake off without a jack.. took me like 40 min to get it off.

    wire tuck day 16

    good eye man.. yeah i will.

    well i am getting closser.

    [color:422c="Red"]wire tuck day 18

    getting closser.................

    here is a before...

    and kinda almost after, not done yet.

    [color:422c="Red"]wire tuck day 25

    [color:422c="Olive"]for financial reasons i decided to go ahead and reinstall the oem radiator and single fan,

    [color:422c="Sienna"]all i lack is the rewire kit for the battery and reinstalling the steeringwheel and she will be up and running.

    [color:422c="DarkOrange"]after i get her mobile again, i will be driving her with no insurance to the shop and putting her on the frame machine, where i will be pulling the exhaust out of the trunk area, as to where it is crushed up into, hindering me from placing the rear bumper back on the car.

    [color:422c="Sienna"]I will then make sure all things work properly, before i even consider reinstalling and cleaning all interior pieces.
    [color:422c="Red"]ohh yeah i forgot, i have to get my IM sand blasted and reinstalled as well.
    few more progress pics.

    I recieved my sand blasted manifold back today,
    i will be deleting the spacer, what you see will be going on the car.

    the second picture is self explanitory, to what is going to be done.

    well i got her painted around 1:30 am this morning.

    I'm gona go get my gaskets and slap her back on.

    i had a difficult time deciding on the color, well i fell in love with this bass boat flake silver. i think it'll really stand out yet have that stockish look, and be much easier to clean i am gona fill the egr holes up as well.

    a lil progress has been made, i recieved and installed the new tranny seal, thats fixed, i fixed the started, umm..

    i need to start triming it back together , here are a few shots.

    i took in our rain today.


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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by RandyC on Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:05 pm

    Wow Brandon! Talk about a view of a cars life ... transformations it went through. Nice paint skills too bro ...

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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:07 am

    no joke... and thats all in a nut shell over about a 4 year period.

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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by Fujigc on Mon Apr 06, 2009 11:29 am

    I love looking at car pics.... thanks for all those pics... so whats new.. or next

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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

    Post by KeeleDesign on Sun Aug 02, 2009 5:00 am

    well whats new would be to get this sucker running again,, the new motor dropped a valve destroying all! so i am just letting it sit until finances can help with that

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    Post by Rizzie on Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:04 pm

    aw sorry to hear that... hopefully all will be good soon Wink

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    Re: KeeleDesign: 91 Accord EX

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